Eleventh Circuit Wades into “Navigable Water”

September 1, 2016

By: Vanessa Palacio

It is a hot South Florida afternoon, clouds beginning to provide some shade with the promise of rain to come. Friends are out on a small boat in one of many canals that litter the landscape between homes, roads, and vegetation, providing drainage and flood control to a community built on what wasREAD MORE

Return to Reasonableness

August 24, 2016

Keith R. Gaudioso

On April 28, 2016, in a case of great significance to injured workers in Florida, the Florida Supreme Court ruled in Castellanos v. Next Door Company, 192 So. 3d 431 (Fla. 2016) that the state’s mandatory attorney fee schedule was unconstitutional in workers’ compensation cases under both the Florida Constitution and the U.S.READ MORE

How Much of My Floor Plan Designs Can My Competitor Copy?

August 15, 2016

By: Daniel Davis

Of course floor plans can be protected with copyright. The more difficult question of how much of your floor plan is entitled to protection after receiving a copyright, and how much your floor plan can copy or borrow from another floor plan was recently analyzed by the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals in HomeREAD MORE

Mortgage Disputes Make It to the Florida Supreme Court

July 27, 2016

By Keith Gaudioso

The Florida Supreme Court will soon rule on a major mortgage issue that has previously come up in Florida’s First, Fourth, Fifth and, most recently, Third District Courts. This ruling could impact many home owners in Florida , especially those in dire financial straits.

In April 2016, the District Court of Appeal of Florida,READ MORE

Federal Circuit Gives Infringement Claim the Cold Shoulder

July 20, 2016

By Vanessa Palacio

Mother Nature lends a hand to the In Vitro Corporation in a recent Federal Circuit decision that reminds us of the broad spectrum of innovation in the biomedical industry. In this case, freezing liver cells twice is considered new and useful enough to earn a patent. Earlier this month, the U.S. Court ofREAD MORE

Helmet Maker’s Big Headache Is Not Going Away Anytime Soon

July 13, 2016

By Joshua Salmon

Chances are high that if you ever played football at any level, you have worn a football helmet designed and manufactured by industry giant Riddell.  University of Notre Dame and Green Bay Packers’ legend Paul Hornung played a bit more football than most of us and now faces the grim realities of theREAD MORE

Breaking up is hard to do (so plan ahead!)

June 5, 2014

Many of us have experienced bad break-ups; few relationships last forever and parting ways can be an emotionally-charged event. Dissolving a business partnership is no exception. And as economic pressures continue to fester, personal and professional break-ups are on the rise. 

In worse cases, the disputes end in massive lawsuits, ugly recriminations, and financial ruin. ButREAD MORE

Adopting a Value-Based Billing Model for Better Client Service and Enhanced Profitability

May 26, 2014

With each passing month, the lasting impact of the economic crisis on our profession is becoming more evident. Consider the current landscape: demand for transactional lawyers has declined; mergers and acquisitions have become less frequent; real estate transactions have all but stopped; and many clients are bypassing litigation, citing its discretionary nature. This squeeze hasREAD MORE

The Hidden Benefits of Mediation

April 26, 2014

Every seasoned lawyer is familiar with the obvious benefits of mediation.  They include the aspect of confidentiality which allows the parties to negotiate in a totally privileged context.  While the cost of mediation is modest as compared to the cost of the overall litigation, normally mediation does not take place until well into a lawsuitREAD MORE

Avoiding Legal Malpractice

March 14, 2014


As law firms are forced to trim staff and seek work outside of their core areas because of the hard economic times of 2009 and 2010, malpractice claims will increase.  Rather than bemoan the nature of the situation, the purpose of this article is to identify 10 basic steps that lawyers and law firms canREAD MORE

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