Civil & Complex Commercial Litigation

Civil litigation cases include every aspect of disagreements involving personal, family or business disputes. When the cases involve complex issues and millions of dollars, they are considered as complex business litigation. Such cases involve exceptional skills in issue analysis and a strong focus on adducing evidence from corporate documents, interviews, employees and stakeholders. These efforts will result in the discovery of “hidden facts” with dramatic results coming from such discoveries. The attorneys at Hall, Lamb and Hall, P.A. have all of these skills. They understand how to develop a legal strategy designed to achieve our client’s objectives, work diligently to prepare for trial, and present the case clearly and convincingly to the court.


The attorneys at Hall, Lamb, Hall & Leto P.A. have handled a wide range of high-stakes civil litigation cases over the past 35 years involving business disagreements, personal injuries, securities losses, domestic relations issues and a multitude of other matters.


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